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Cash Management

The Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust (NPAIT) is a collective effort of Nebraska public entities to invest funds jointly through a safe, efficient investment program. Designed and governed by public entities, NPAIT is managed with guiding principles focused on public entities and the communities they serve:

Safety of Invested Funds
NPAIT invests in only the highest quality securities authorized for NPAIT participants, including U.S. Government and U.S. Agency securities and investments collateralized by those securities such as Certificates of Deposit from Nebraska financial institutions.

Maximizing Income
Collective investing allows NPAIT to purchase securities in larger denominations in a professionally managed portfolio of securities to provide the highest return available.

Daily Liquidity
Funds invested in NPAIT may be withdrawn on a daily basis and there are no minimum or maximum investment amounts.

Ease of Operation
NPAIT transactions can be made with a simple toll-free call or with our full-service online transaction platform, which offers multiple transaction options, consolidated and downloadable reporting, and a wide range of fund information.consolidated and downloadable reporting, and a wide range of fund information.

Fixed Term Services Program

Extensive institutional relationships and an extensive local bank network enable NPAIT to provide Participants with a wide range of fixed income opportunities, including multiple durations of:

  • Statute Allowable Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Government Securities

In addition, with NPAIT’s online transaction and reporting program, consolidated reporting of Fixed Rate and liquid investments are available in a single, efficient platform.