The Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust (NPAIT) is a complete financial management resource available to Nebraska local governments.

Designed and governed by Nebraska public entities, NPAIT participants include a wide range of public agencies throughout the state. The NPAIT Board of Trustees is comprised of thirteen members representing Nebraska public entities and associations. Allowable under Nebraska statute and with the public at the forefront, NPAIT meets the needs of our communities.


Rates as of 02/24/2020

Daily Rate* 1.4
7-Day Average Rate* 1.4

Investment Options

Cash Management Program

NPAIT’s cash management program offers a professionally managed investment option with daily liquidity, online transaction capability, and a focus on the safety of public funds.

Fixed Term Sevices Program

NPAIT offers a wide range of Fixed Term investments and programs to meet the ongoing needs of Nebraska public entities.

Knowledge Center

Market Update: January 2020

Featured Market Data: Strong Returns Across Asset Classes in 2019

Following a difficult end to 2018, investors enjoyed very strong investment returns across all asset classes in 2019. Actions by the Federal Reserve were the primary catalysts for pushing both stock and bond prices substantially higher.


NPAIT Scholarship

Each year, NPAIT awards two $500 academic scholarships provided by PMA.
A committee comprised of NPAIT Board Members judges and selects the recipients of these scholarships.

The deadline to submit your 2020-2021 application is Monday, April 6, 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust (NPAIT)?

Founded over 20 years ago, NPAIT is a cooperative investing program designed and governed by Nebraska public entities. Allowable under Nebraska statutes, NPAIT offers Nebraska public entities the opportunity to invest funds jointly– increasing efficiency and offering the financial benefits of joint investing. The program is governed by a Board of Nebraska public officials and is designed specifically for Nebraska public entities. Currently, over 200 entities participate in the NPAIT program.

02. What programs are available through NPAIT?

NPAIT provides a daily liquid portfolio and fixed rate investment options through the Fixed Term Services Program. The liquid fund provides daily liquidity and a variable rate of interest. Investments are limited to the highest quality available and are allowed under Nebraska’s public fund statutes. NPAIT’s Fixed Term Services offer investments for a fixed time period. Under the new service structure, NPAIT will work with numerous Nebraska banks to obtain the best possible rate.

03. Who can participate in NPAIT?

All Nebraska public entities are eligible to participate in NPAIT. For information on how to join, contact Paul Kruse at (800) 890-9757 or via email. The new NPAIT office will be based in Lincoln.

04. What will happen with the upcoming transition to new service providers?

The NPAIT Board of Trustees recently voted to transition investment services, administration services and marketing to PMA Financial Network, LLC and its affiliated entities. Governance will remain the same with the Board overseeing the service providers. The PMA companies serve 12 programs similar to NPAIT and offer a wide range of services to benefit public entities. Over the coming months, Participants will learn about these services through a series of notifications, conversations and webinars. The transition is expected to be complete by December 2nd, 2019, and Participants will have access to a variety of enhanced services to meet the changing needs of our Nebraska public entities.

05. Will the transaction process change, and how do I invest?

While Participants may continue to make transactions via phone, a new multifunctional online platform will allow Participants to make online transactions as well as view, print and download reports to a variety of formats. The system will allow Participants to maintain multiple accounts, and it will interact with local banks. Fixed Rate transactions can also be included in the reports for a fully consolidated investment program. Transaction cut-off times will remain the same. Upcoming webinars will offer training on this efficient, secure and user-friendly system.

06. Who sponsors NPAIT?

NPAIT is sponsored by the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO), Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA), the Nebraska Community College Association (NCCA), the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD), the Nebraska State Irrigation Association (NSIA), the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA), the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association (NSVFA), the Panhandle Area Development District (PADD), and the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD).

Meet the Board Members

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