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Eligibility & Participation
All Public Agencies in Nebraska are eligible to be a participant of NPAIT. Public Agencies include Counties, Cities, School Districts, Community Colleges, Natural Resource Districts, Public Utilities, Mental Health Regions, Irrigation Districts, and other political subdivisions.

NPAIT has over 260 participants throughout the State of Nebraska representing the various Public Agencies.

How Can We Participate in NPAIT?
First, an interested Public Agency must consider and pass a simple enabling resolution provided by NPAIT. Passage of the resolution costs nothing and doesn’t commit the Public Agency to invest in NPAIT. However, you must pass the resolution to invest.

Second, open NPAIT account(s) on simple application forms provided by NPAIT. A Public Agency may open as many accounts as needed.

Third, to invest, contact NPAIT, toll-free at 800-640-8817 on any business day. NPAIT’s experienced administrators accomplish all funds movement requests without cost.

How Does NPAIT Operate on Behalf of the Participants?
Members of the Interlocal select a representative Board of Trustees. The board retains service providers to facilitate the day-to-day operation of NPAIT. Following are the program operating needs and the preferred service providers for NPAIT operation:

All participants receive a transaction confirmation of every NPAIT investment and withdrawal and a concise monthly summary of all account transactions. The NPAIT administrator processes all money movement, without cost, at the requests of participants.

Service Provider: Union Bank & Trust Company - Lincoln, Nebraska

Asset Management:
All funds invested in NPAIT are professionally managed by an experienced investment advisor familiar with the operation of a cash management program operated for public bodies.

Service Provider: Miles Capital Inc. - West Des Moines, Iowa

All NPAIT securities are held in a segregated custodial account in a Nebraska financial institution for NPAIT participants.

Service Provider: Union Bank & Trust Company - Lincoln, Nebraska

Program Support and Development:
Participants must have access to program representatives familiar with NPAIT’s operation that are available to meet personally with the participant or with other interested parties.

Service Provider: Union Bank & Trust Company - Lincoln, Nebraska

The Law Firm of Perry, Guthery, Haase & Gessford, P.C. - Lincoln, Nebraska

Independent Auditor:
KPMG LLP - Omaha, Nebraska

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