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About NPAIT  

What Is A Cash Management Program?
The Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust (NPAIT) is a collective effort by participating Nebraska eligible public bodies to jointly invest their temporary, surplus funds through a safe, efficient investment program. NPAIT is operated to maximize the following features:

  • Safety of Invested Funds
    NPAIT invests in only the highest quality securities authorized for NPAIT participants, including U.S. Government and U.S. Agency securities and investments collateralized by those securities (Nebraska financial institution CDs, for instance).

  • Maximum Current Income
    Collective investment allows NPAIT to purchase securities in larger denominations in a professionally managed portfolio of securities to provide the highest return currently available.

  • Complete Daily Liquidity
    All funds invested in NPAIT may be withdrawn at any time to facilitate known and unanticipated disbursement needs. There also are no minimum or maximum investment amounts.

  • Ease of Operation
    With one simple toll-free call, a participant can determine current NPAIT rates of interest, invest or withdraw funds. All fund movements are confirmed in writing in a simple, easy to read NPAIT account statement.

How Does NPAIT Maximize Income and Liquidity and Maintain Safety?
By jointly investing on behalf of all participants, NPAIT can purchase securities more efficiently, in marketable denominations that mature periodically within the portfolio.

Continuous professional management of NPAIT’s investments ensures that portfolio securities are always available to provide complete daily liquidity for all invested funds.

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